Welcome to the Utah Middle Level Association website. The mission of UMLA is to address the unique needs of young adolescents by providing leadership and support to educators and families while promoting effective teaching practices and  programs that improve middle level education. We can serve to strengthen your position as an advocate for middle level reform and enhance your professional learning and practices. The role of UMLA is to advocate for and assist in giving the best possible education to all young adolescents in the state of Utah. We facilitate this partially by hosting a conference the beginning of March.

UMLA is committed to:

  • Facilitate/promote an awareness of the uniqueness of middle level education with educators, parents, and local agencies.
  • Assist in developing plans for the evaluation of middle level schools in Utah.
  • Facilitate curriculum development, in-service education, and school planning.
  • Provide leadership in the development of appropriate middle-level teacher education programs.
  • Represent middle level schools in professional and public discussion of educational programs and problems.
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas by promoting educational networking opportunities through an annual state conference, seminars, and an association newsletter.
  • Help secure and maintain support of agencies and groups in Utah interested in educational improvements.