Peggy Lee Roland Award

The Peggy Roland Award for Distinguished Service is the highest award given by the Utah Middle Level Association. The award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a level of service, integrity, and leadership in middle level education that warrants this special recognition.

A nominee for this award should

  • Be known as a person of high personal ethics reflecting a model of exemplary behavior and reputation associated with the spirit of the award,
  • Have made a statewide impact on middle level education,
  • Have a minimum of ten years of distinguished service a reputation as a state leader,
  • Be an active advocate for middle level reform, and
  • Actively pursue opportunities to bring success to middle level students.

The following documentation must accompany the nomination

  • Award Nomination Form with contact information for both nominee and nominator
  • Description of professional service as it relates to the award
  • Examples of activities
  • No more than three letters of reference and support that speak directly to the stated criteria

Selection procedures
Selection procedures include a committee review of nominations and materials, with the ultimate decision being made by the Utah Middle Level Association Board Members.Mail award nominations to:
P.O. Box 521286
SLC, Utah 84152-1286

Or e-mail applications to

Past recipients of the Peggy Roland Award:

  • 1998 Peggy Roland, Assistant Principal, Dixon Middle School, Alpine District
  • 1999 Dorothy Bingman, Principal, Evergreen Junior High, Granite District
  • 2000 Martin Tadlock, Professor, Utah State University, Logan
  • 2001 Mary Kay Kirkland, Box Elder District, Brigham City
  • 2002 Sandy Rudert, Teacher, West Hills Middle School, Jordan District
  • 2003 Margie Coombs, Principal, Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s Middle School, SLC
  • 2004 Sue Smith, Assistant Professor, Westminster College, Salt Lake City
  • 2005 Annette West, Teacher, North Cache 8-9 Center, Richmond
  • 2006 Lori Gardner, Principal, Hunter Junior High School, Granite District
  • 2007 Kristy Stevens, Teacher, Willowcreek Middle School, Alpine District
  • 2008 Holly Tippetts, Teacher, Dixon Middle School, Alpine  District
  • 2009 Amy Roberds, Teacher, Riverview Junior High School, Murray District
  • 2015 Tricia Jackson, Online Learning Administrator, Park City School District
  • 2016
  • 2017